Imagine a place where your worries are few and your joys are abundant, where you have friends right outside your front door and help at your fingertips, where you are cared for and are cared about. Now imagine that you get to live here every day, at this wonderful place, a place to call home.

This dream is now a reality because this is what Mercy McMahon Terrace is all about. We are a place where seniors can enjoy their lives knowing that our staff is available to take care of them.

Mercy McMahon Terrace is more than just a place to rest – it is a place to live fully for our seniors. We have activities for our seniors to keep them active and happy. While our residents spend their day enjoying the company of others in activities coordinated just for them, our staff is busy taking care of the details, providing peace of mind not only to our residents, but to their families as well.

By providing quality care services through our assisted living program, along with the
maintenance-free lifestyle available with independent living, residents at Mercy McMahon Terrace are free to focus their energy on living their life to the fullest. This means that each resident is able to enjoy a better quality of life than being alone in their house.  With nurses on staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the care at Mercy McMahon Terrace goes beyond what many senior communities can provide.  For instance, sliding scale diabetics most definitely can call Mercy McMahon Terrace home.

Mercy McMahon Terrace is so much more than a seniors’ apartment. Our goal is to acknowledge and respect the resident as a whole person by providing an environment where they feel they belong, are loved and their spiritual needs are met.

Mercy McMahon Terrace is such a special and loving place. With the maintenance-free environment of a hotel, the health care supervision of licensed nurses, and the fun-filled activities of a social club Mercy McMahon gives families peace of mind.

Mercy McMahon Terrace is the place to call home – our seniors’ home.